Bad Axe Throwing for the Badass Bride-to-Be


Do you find certain wedding traditions a bit stuffy? The thought of having to check everything off the list of ritual to-do’s for your wedding and reception sends you into a cringing fit.

Are you thrill-seeking, unorthodox, or simply looking for a unique experience for your stag or bachelorette party? Axe throwing is the perfect experience for the no-fuss, edgy bride-to-be or the daredevil future husband. At Bad Axe Throwing, you can enjoy your last escapade being single while chucking deadly weapons at targets (and it’s perfectly legal).

Bad Axe Throwing is simply bringing back the essence of lumberjack camaraderie in a contemporary setting. We pride ourselves on creating a domain of pure enjoyment for everyone who walks through our doors. Whether it’s your first time chucking an axe or if you’re a self-proclaimed professional axe thrower, we guarantee that you’ll have the experience of a lifetime at Bad Axe Throwing.

We host a variety of events, but it’s not surprising that we get a lot of bookings for bachelorette parties. More bride-to-be’s are breaking the stereotype of the traditional bachelorette escapades. At Bad Axe, you not only get an opportunity at realizing a new skill before your big day (a.k.a. professional axe thrower), you also get to have a blast trying out a new activity with your besties by your side. Nowadays, it’s all about just having a great time with your bridal party and making incredible memories with the best people in your life. Who knows, you might find that it’s super addicting and join in the weekly axe throwing leagues!

Bad Axe Throwing is the perfect venue for those who want an offbeat and memorable experience for their last shenanigans before tying the knot. We encourage guests to personalize their event by bringing their own snacks, drinks, and favors.

Just look at this spunky couple who came into our Chicago location on their wedding day!
We have locations all over Canada and the US. We are currently accepting bookings at our Kitchener facility. Visit our site at to book your bad-ass bachelorette party!